Pay Scale Chart 2021 for Employees Disparity Allowance

Basic Pay Scale Chart 2021 for Employees Disparity Allowance has issued. So, the disparity reduction allowance has issued in the federal area of Pakistan.

However, the employees are protesting in the provinces. So, the provincial govt is not issuing a notification for employees. Therefore, I am sharing here a new pay disparity chart among different departments.

Pay Scale Chart 2021 for Employees Disparity Allowance

In addition, it is clear from this chart that there is disparity among salaries of different department employees. So, it is the duty of our Pakistani govt to reduce this disparity. The federal govt has reduced the salaries of employees.

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In the letters, it has written that the provincial govt will also reduce this disparity and issue a notification in this regard. But still, the finance minister fails to satisfy the employees in the provinces.

In other words, all employees are protesting for their rights. As you know that there is a high inflation rate in Pakistan.

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Pay Scale Chart 2021

At last, the latest pay scale chart 2020-2021 before the budget has uploaded here. So, the finance minister will present the budget in June. Keep visiting us on YouTube and here too.

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