Salary Increase Budget Speech 2021-2022 Balochistan

Salary Increase Budget Speech

Salary Increase Budget Speech 2021-2022 Balochistan has updated here. The government of Balochistan has announced salaries and pension increase in protest of opposition.

However, this govt has increased pension at the same rate as federal and other provinces. But salaries are at a different rate of increase.

Salary Increase Budget Speech 2021-2022 Balochistan

In addition, the budget session has started at 4 PM on 18th June 2021. The opposition leaders were protesting that time in front of the assembly hall.

Above all, The finance minister has presented a complete budget speech. Similarly, the chief minister Jam Kamal arrived late for the session due to the tough time of opposition.

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Relief for Employees of Balochistan:

At last, I am sharing brief detail of relief for employees of the province as under,

  1. Salary increase @10% as Adhoc relief allowance ARA-2021
  2. Pension Increase @10% for retired employees
  3. Disparity allowance for employees having grade 1 to grade 19 at 15%

Other Allowances detail:

  • Executive Allowance for secretariate employees only
  • Special Conveyance Allowance
  • Conveyance during Summer and Winter Vacations
  • Health Professional Allowance
  • Teaching allowance for health-related employees
  • For Doctors and Nurses Health Risk Allowance

So, Check the detail of the budget on Youtube TV.

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