Ban on Transfer Posting in Punjab 2021 CM Office Order

CM Office Order has issued regarding Ban on Transfer Posting in Punjab 2021. So, the Chief Minister’s office in Punjab has issued a letter PS/PSCM(CMO)(D)-21-OT-47. The CM office has issued this letter on 17-07-2021.

However, the subject of this letter is the ban on postings/Transfers.

Ban on Transfer Posting in Punjab 2021 CM Office Order

In addition, the Chief Minister has imposed a complete ban on all kinds of Transfers/ postings. So, the government has announced a ban on transfer from BS-17 & above.

Above all, the government of Punjab has imposed a ban with immediate effect. Similarly, this letter is showing this ban for three months.

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However, the government has permitted transfer /posting against vacant posts only according to rules and policy. The CM office has ordered that the implementation will continue those orders issued up to 17th July.

At last, the government has issued this letter. But we could not tell about the exact issue about which this action has taken.

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Ban on Transfer Posting

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