Grant of Advance Increments to English Teachers Punjab

The accountant-general Punjab has written a letter regarding Grant of Advance Increments to English Teachers Punjab. So, the office AG Punjab has issued a letter TM-1/1-1A/2020-21/ 2460  on 13-07-2021.

However, the AG Punjab has submitted this letter to the secretary of Finance.

Grant of Advance Increments to English Teachers Punjab

In addition, this letter has referred to a previous letter dated 07-04-2021. Similarly, another letter issued district account officer Mandi Bahudin dated 19-05-2021.

The English teachers allowed advance increments on the basis of BA/ B.Sc with B.Ed.

Para 15(iii) of Finance Department:

The government finance department letter has issued on 25-08-1983. So, Para 15(iii) of this letter translated as under,

” Advance increments to school teachers on attaining higher qualification primary, middle and high school teachers. All those teachers who possess or acquire while in service higher qualifications shall be allowed increments as under,”

Primary School: 

  • A teacher who possesses or acquires FA/ F.Sc has allowed two advance increments.
  •  With CT one additional advance increment.
  • With BA/ B.Sc two additional advance increments.

Middle School:

  • With BA/ B.Sc degree, a teacher will get three advanced increments

High School:

  • With a Master’s degree, a teacher has allowed three advance increments.
  • With M.Ed. and a master’s degree in any other academic subject, a teacher will get six advance increments.

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Above all, the accountant general Punjab wants to clarify in the light of the letter dated 31-01-1988 one increment or three increments?

Download Full Grant of Advance Increments to English Teachers Punjab in pdf

Grant of Advance Increments


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