The Education Sindh School Daily Attendance Monitoring System

The Education Sindh School will introduce now Daily Attendance Monitoring System. So, the school education has written a letter to all chief monitoring officers in Sindh.

However, the school education & literacy department has updated this letter on 9 July 2021. As a Punjab govt has started a daily attendance system before. So, the Sindh govt will start now in the new academic session 2021-22.

The Education Sindh School Daily Attendance Monitoring System

In addition, the directorate of monitoring and evaluation will introduce this system soon. So, for this purpose, the Sindh govt will select high schools with 30 staff (teaching and non-teaching).

First of all, it will work on a pilot basis. After that, this system will rollover. So, we select one head in an area on a volunteer basis.

Main Aspects:

  • School in the area of 3G/4G coverage.
  • The staff over 30 in a school (teaching and non-teaching).
  • Headmaster /Headmistress should volunteer, ability to use android and applications.

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Last Date to update data:

The last date to update the data in a given proforma is 10th July 2021. The assistant director admin has ordered the CMO to update the data. So, a proforma format has been given in this letter.

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