Public Employees Retirement System

Public Employees Retirement System and Pension Rules 2021

Today I am working on Public Employees Retirement System and Pension Rules 2021. The government of KPK has announced new pension rules now.

However, the KPK government has changed the previous pension rules in September 2021. So, the family of civil servants will get 100 % instead of 45% pension after that.

Public Employees Retirement System and Pension Rules 2021

In addition, Finance Minister Shaukat Tareen blamed the IMF program for the rise in inflation. So, Shaukat Tareen said he was going to restore the system of food control inspectors to control prices.
Finance Minister Shaukat Tareen has said that 42 percent of the lower class population will be given a direct subsidy on food items.
Shaukat Tareen said he would continue to serve as finance minister. Not going anywhere, the Finance Minister said that regulatory duties were being imposed to reduce imports.
For imports, the importer has to deposit an advance amount.

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In other words, the KP government has changed different clauses. So, they will decrease the budget of pension now. Therefore, govt employees will solve this with a decrease of rights after death.
However, the families will get a 100% pension instead of 45 percent which is a good thing.

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