6 September 2023 Public Holiday Announced or not?

6 September 2023 Public Holiday Announced or not?


The Education Minister has announced Punjab Schools Holidays in September 2023. So, the education minister has tweeted today on his official Twitter account.

However, all public and private schools remain closed from 6th September to 11th September due to corona previous year. So, the government has decided after a long time.

Public Holiday 6 September 2023 Education Minister

So, the education minister has not announced public holiday on 6 September 2023. Therefore, all schools will celebrate the defence day.

School Holiday COVID previous year:

The world health organization WHO is working on a control and prevention guide. So, they are trying to create awareness among children.

However, children under 18 are representing only 8.5% of reported cases in the world. Therefore, they are not transmitting this virus rapidly.

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Above all, the organization is trying to assess the risk of infection in the age group.

NCOC has held a meeting today for COVID 19 Situation on 07-09-2021. But there was a problem of fake news regarding school holidays till 30th September 2021. National command and operation center NCOC has explained this social media news on Twitter.

So, NCOC has announced that there is no such reality in this said news. Therefore, we condemn and appeal to remove such news from social media. They are playing with studies of our students in the country.

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