Subject Specialist Posting as Regular Administrator in Schools

The government of Punjab has issued a letter DD(M)/Madaris/09/2021. The SED will work on subject specialist posting as a regular administrator in schools.

So, the school education department Punjab has announced through monitoring wing on 23-09-2021.

Subject Specialist Posting as Regular Administrator in Schools

However, the school education department has submitted this letter to all the Chief Executive Officers, District Education Authorities in Punjab.

Kindly refer to the subject cited above.

  1. The Competent Authority has desired nominations of teachers from each District with following particulars/discipline for posting as Administrator on regular by in taken over Madrasas (schools) running under School Education Department –
  • Designation Subject Specialist
  • BPS: 17
  • Nominations: Male from male school and Female from the female school
  • Subject: Islamiat or Arabic or Education

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  1. You are requested to furnish the above-said information to this office as per Proforma attached by TOMORROW i.e. 24-09-2021 till 03:00 P.M. through email at ddm2.cmrnf@gmail.corn (soft & hard copy). Without fail as directed by the Competent Authority.

Subject Specialist Posting

At last, it is a good opportunity for SS in the school education department. They can apply for this in all districts of Punjab. But the government will post only those SS who got masters in Islamiat, Arabic, or Education.

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