E-Transfer Policy December 2021

E-Transfer Policy December 2021 for All Punjab Teachers

Today I am talking about E-Transfer Policy December 2021 for All Punjab Teachers. So, Punjab Education Minister Murad Ras’s important to tweet regarding teacher transfers. Therefore, all teachers will apply in December soon.

However, the government will open in December 2021 under an e-transfer system for teachers across the province, Murad Raas said. So, Dr. Murad Raas have made positive changes in the system for the convenience of teachers: Murad Ross

E-Transfer Policy December 2021 for All Punjab Teachers

In addition, the school education department will announce all types of conversions simultaneously for teachers on the e-transfer system: Murad Ross

Teachers are an asset of the nation, steps are being taken to create all kinds of facilities for them: Murad Ras

Thanks to the special efforts of the present government, today under the e-transfer system, teachers can receive their transfer orders from home: Murad Ras.

The government of Punjab has announced a new policy for teachers’ e-transfer now. Dr. Murad Raas has announced this policy according to the student-teacher ratio. Therefore, all teachers can apply but in red and orange category schools only.

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Minimum Teachers in a School:

  1. A minimum of two teachers in a stand-alone primary school.
  2. Minimum of two ESE OR PST teachers in a primary school.or non-primary school.
  3. A minimum of two EST OR SESE teachers in Elementary school. or sections in elementary schools.
  4. Minimum of two SSE OR SST teachers in a secondary school. or secondary school sections.

Download Transfer Rules 2021 for Teachers

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