Government Pay Scale Chart (2023) after Annual Increment

Today I am sharing the Government Pay Scale Chart 2023 after the Annual Increment in December. So, I have created a new basic pay chart and uploaded it not only on my website but also on the YouTube channel.

However, the Punjab gov is sharing a such pay scale chart. Because the employees will get increased amount in December annual increment. Therefore, our team has prepared the latest chart for all federal and provincial employees here.

Government Pay Scale Chart 2023 after Annual Increment

In addition, all govt employees get their salary increase in the form of annual increments. Therefore they will get this year too. , Similarly, the government has increased the allowances from 2017 to 2023.

In other words, the govt has announced an increase in ad-hoc relief allowances. However, most workers in Pakistan are happy with a 35% salary increase this year. govt has increased minimum wage rates too. But the servants are suffering these days due to inflation. In Pakistan, the dollar is going up in comparison to the Pakistani rupee. Therefore, all civil servants are protesting. I think this annual increase will not help them with this high inflation rate.

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Finally, they are appealing to the prime minister for a better and fairer Pakistan. One rule for all employees of Pakistan.

Download Pay Scale Chart 2023 Federal Government Pakistan

Government Pay Scale Chart 2021-22

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