Pay Roll Adjustment Bill

Pay Roll Adjustment Bill in Account Offices for Salaries & Pension

Today I talk about the Pay Roll Adjustment Bill in Account Offices for Salaries & Pension. So, the government of Punjab has ordered the account offices regarding all bills of Pay and pension. Therefore, the employees will submit their salary and pension arrear bills by 9 November.

However, all government employees will do this job in time. Otherwise, they could not take payments of adjustment in the future.

Pay Roll Adjustment Bill in Account Offices for Salaries & Pension

Accountants of all departments, Provincial, Federal, Education and Health Authority, Chakwal District can file all kinds of change forms, adjustment bills, bills, salaries, pension cases, and other bills in the relevant payroll by November 9 in the District Accounts Office.

Above all, the district account offices will not collect after the date as per the order Accountant General Punjab. The government accounts will close the SAP system due to data archiving from November 12 to November 21.

And The government will execute a payroll after November 21. District Accounts Office Chakwal Government employees’ salaries and retired government We are always striving to pay the pensions of the employees on time. Whether it is natural calamities or epidemics.

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All our officers and personnel have mobilized for timely payment of financial dues.

Note This message has been issued in the public interest so that Government employees, departments, and pensioners should not face any problem

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