Federal Budget 2022 Pay Scale Revision Govt Employees

The Finance minister will present Federal Budget 2022 and Pay Scale Revision for Govt Employees soon. So, the new government will try to give better relief to government employees in upcoming budget.

The Finance Division has announced that the government of Pakistan will present federal budget bill for FY-2022-23 on 10th June 2022.

However, the government of Pakistan finance ministry will announce budget first in June. After that the provincial government will try to follow this federal budget. Therefore, the employees wait that moment for one year.

Federal Budget 2022 Pay Scale Revision Govt Employees

In addition, federal employees grand alliance has announced protest on 12 May 2022. So, the government employees will march in front of finance division firstly. After that march, they will go to the parliament house. All employees will protest on 12th May 2022 for salary and pension increase.

Rehman Bajwa has chaired a meeting for protest. So, he has said that the government should revise pay scale, and solve all problems of government employees.


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Federal Budget 2022 Pay Scale Revision

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