Disbursement of Salary Notification & Pension Sep 2022

The Punjab government Finance department has issued a letter regarding disbursement of Salary Notification & Pension Sep 2022. So, the finance department has issued this letter on 15th September 2022.

However, the monitoring wing has submitted this letter to the accountant general Punjab and treasury officers Punjab. Therefore, all employees will get the salary with allowances and pension on 30th September 2022.

Disbursement of Salary Notification & Pension Sep 2022

In addition, the government has announced disbursement of Pay & allowances. Similarly, they announced pension for pensioners in the month of September 2022.

In other words, the Punjab government has said that there are two holidays on 1st and 2nd October 2022. Therefore, the governor of Punjab has announced to pay salaries and pension on 30th September 2022.

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Disbursement of Salary Notification September 2022

Notification of Disbursement of Salary and Pension for September 2022

The department of pension and family welfare has issued notification about the disbursement of salary and pension in the month of September 2022. The employees who are getting their salaries from regular pay are going to get it from 15 th to 18 th September, while those who are getting paid monthly are going to get it on the 18 th of September, those who get their salary by quarterly basis will get their salary on 1 st October and those who get their salary by half yearly basis will get their salary on 1 st October only because it’s not their payday.

Details on salary/pension disbursement

Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT)

The name Direct Benefit Transfer is a misnomer, since the process actually uses intermediaries to transmit payments to recipients. Typically, the government disburses salary on behalf of employers through a tax payment module in banks which credit accounts with balances higher than Rs 5,000. For salary below Rs 5,000, salary has to be credited by individual employers at least one day before it is paid out to employees. Payment of salary should not result in overdrafts or any other negative balance from an account. To ensure that salary is paid only after funds are available, there should be sufficient balance in the account on the date of commencement as well as at close of business (COB) on pay-day.

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Pensioners under SDRP

Following the rules set by JSS, there will be a one-time payment from their salaries to pensioners. The amount to be given as pay is 20% while allowances will give 10%. The sum of these should not exceed 20% as mentioned. No withholding tax or deductions are applicable with this one-time payment. As of September 18, 2019, total salary disbursements would be 3,558,990 per day.

Pensions in arrears

Pay and allowances disbursements, which will also include all pension arrears up to Sep. 2023, shall be affected with the Salary disbursement, including additional pay on leave days, as per extant orders. The payments shall be made through electronic transfer to their bank accounts on the normal due date of the corresponding month.

Interim relief to pensioners

According to the clarification on pay and allowances disbursements to pensioners dated 16 August 2018, the sum is computed as follows:
Pensioners’ Monthly Basic Salary multiplied by 60 divided by 12 (monthly) times their years of service as of 31 July 2017.
The Department would like to inform its pensioners that salary disbursements will be made in instalments throughout October. They will then have 15 days to claim any outstanding salaries through Passport Care portal.

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