How To Use NSB Funds in Punjab Schools

I am sharing today an information regarding “How to Use NSB Funds in Punjab Schools”. So, the government allocates non salary budget NSB for utilization in schools of Punjab.

However, the Punjab government allocates in four quarters per annum. Therefore, all school heads use these funds under priority basis. The government has announced amendment financial rules recently.

How To Use NSB (Non salary budget)

How To Use NSB Funds in Punjab Schools

In addition, PMIU-PESRP send these funds firstly to the district authorities of 36 districts in Punjab. So, the higher authorities then disburse funds to primary, Elementary, High and higher secondary school bank accounts.

In other words, the Non salary budget is a big initiative for schools in the province. Similarly, there were strict rules and head teachers try to pass cheque bills from account offices. But there were chances of corruption. Therefore, the government now send money direct in the NSB bank account of school.

After that, school council committee approves that to draw how many amounts for work. Therefore, head teachers’ pay through cheques or petty cash. He enters this information in school information system SIS app.

At last, the head teacher may use up to 99999 without quotation now. However, the government has revised previous amount which was 49999.

Quotation Based Amounts: 

The amount from 100000 to 199999 is quotation based. For quotation, the head teacher will write a letter to different companies. After that he will make comparison and choose one of lowest rates. Then he will write again to that chosen company manager for purchase.

He will say for inspection from inspection committee in school after purchase.

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