MDCAT Aggregate Calculator 2022 for Pak Students

Today I am talking about “MDCAT Aggregate Calculator 2022 for Pak Students”. After intermediate, the students want to apply for MDCAT test. But they do not know about this test basics.

However, I shall guide all the students to calculate aggregate after test. So, I shall also tell the students to apply for MDCAT test and how they will reach on top.

MDCAT Aggregate Calculator 2022

MDCAT Aggregate Calculator 2022 for Pak Students

In addition, you can say MDCAT or MCAT. So, the government department PMC and university of health sciences works together. These departments introduce new policy each year.

In other words, we can say that they change merit aggregate formula. Therefore, you cannot calculate the aggregate on the same formula which was last year. You will read the new policy and follow the instructions of these above two departments.

Aggregate Calculation:

You can calculate aggregate with the following formula,

Matric obtained/Total * 0.1

Intermediate obtained/Total * 0.4

Entry Test obtained/Total * 0.5

At last, we will sum the above calculation to give exact merit for admission in 2022.

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Merit Criteria:

Now merit criteria will be 50% marks from intermediate elective subjects and 50% from entry test. However, PMC and UHS has announced to calculate merit on the science subjects included math’s.


After passing the students should get 70% or more marks in intermediate. Similarly, the MDCAT entry test have total 200 marks. Therefore, it is necessary for the candidate to get 60% or more marks in it.


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