Secondary School Teacher Promotion to BS-17

The government of Punjab announced Secondary School Teacher Promotion from BS-16 to BS-17. The SST association has asked the school education department to promote these teaches.

However, this association is working for the last one year. But this association authority is working hard for SSTs. Therefore, they have meet with ministers and director public instructions.

Secondary School Teacher Promotion to BS-17

In addition, the DPI (Director Public Instructions) SE Punjab Lahore has written a letter on 09-09-2022. So, this office has submitted this letter to all district CEOs in the province.

In other words, the DPI office has ordered to collect the data for promotion of these teachers as Headmasters/ Headmistress. Therefore, they said that they are working on this promotion.

During scrutiny of record and preparing of working papers, they have found many deficiencies to complete this process. Therefore, they have ordered to collect the exact data of deferred cases. They have noticed deficiencies in the CR Dossiers of the incumbents in your jurisdiction.

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At last, they have ordered to provide the deficiencies of promotion from BS-16 to BS-17 up to 31-12-1993.

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Secondary School Teacher Promotion

At last, it is necessary to talk about promotion of these teachers. The government is not promoting. So, there is frustration among the individuals.

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