Charge and Teaching Allowance Notification Proposal

Today I am sharing the Charge and Teaching Allowance Notification Proposal Punjab. The Directorate of Punjab Secondary Education has issued this proposal for the revision of the age allowance.

However, this is a proposal only for administrative and teaching posts. So, they will avail of benefits from this allowance in the future.

Charge and Teaching Allowance Notification Proposal

In addition, the school education department in Punjab has granted charge allowance as given below.

  1. AEO 1000 per month
  2. Dy. DEO 1500 per month
  3. DEO 2000 per month
  4. EDO education 3000 per month
  5. Divisional Director 5000 per month
  6. DPI 6000 per month

Similarly, the SED Punjab has issued a notification to grant charge allowance for head teachers at public schools. Therefore, we are providing the details of the head teacher allowance as under,

  1. Head Teacher Primary Section 500 per month
  2. Head Teacher Elementary Section 700 per month
  3. Head Teacher High/secondary Section 1200 per month
  4. Principal 1500 per month

In other words, the Punjab government has granted an inspection allowance for assistant education officers of 25000 per month. Similarly, the finance department has considered rescue department allowances here.

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On the second page, the officers have mentioned low administrative and teaching allowances. So, they have said to increase these allowances for smooth life running in this high inflation.

Proposal for Revision Charge Allowance 2022

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By instructions dated January 15, 2008, the School Education Department provided Inspection Allowance of Rs. 25,000/- per month to the Assistant Education Officers (AE0s), subject to verifiable Key Performance Indicators created by the School Education Department.
Rescue Risk Allowance 2022 equal to one month’s initial basic pay every month was approved by the Government of the Punjab, Finance Department, with effect from September 9, 2022, according to FD.PR.6-6/2006 (Pt-II), dated 21-09-2022. In a similar vein, the officers of the Inspectorate of Treasuries and Accounts were granted an inspection allowance for one month beginning basic pay by the Government of the Punjab Finance Department with effect from October 20, 2022.

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Charge Allowance 2019:

On September 11, 2019, the Finance Department of the Government of Punjab released an Official Notification letter about clarification regarding Charge Allowance to the Headmasters/Headmistress/Principals employed on their salary and grade.

Please refer to your mail dated 18-07-2019 with the subject line “DAO/NL/Legal/CD-111.” After reviewing the circumstances, it is recommended that only the Regular Headmaster, Headmistress, or Principal be eligible to receive Charge Allowance, as previously stated by the Finance Department in letter No. FD.PR.12-7/2007 dated February 28, 2014.

Charge Allowance 2014:

The official notification letter about Charge Allowance to the In-charge Headmasters / Principals bearing the additional charge of the regular position of headmasters/principals was released by the Finance Department of the Government of Punjab on February 28, 2014.

To clarify that teachers who, have the additional responsibility of the posts of Headmasters or Principals are not eligible for the Charge Allowance, I am advised to refer to your office letter No. SO(SE-L)13-85/2013, dated December 31, 2013, on the issue indicated above. Principals and Headmasters must be regularly to get the Charge Allowance. Officers in extra charge of a post are not eligible for that position’s pay or benefits. If they are otherwise admissible under the rules, they are just given an additional charge allowance.

Proposal for Revised Rates in Charge and Teaching Allowance 2022-2023:
  1. Working Officers in basic scale 20 proposed amount 80000 & 60000 per month
  2. Working Officers in basic scale 19 proposed amount 50000 per month
  3. Working Officers in basic scale 18 proposed amount 40000 per month
  4. Working Officers in basic scale 17 proposed amount 30000 per month
  5. Head teachers’ Elementary level 15000 per month
  6. Head teachers’ Primary level 10000 per month
  7. At last, a teaching allowance of 10000 per month

It is well acknowledged that the rising and persistent trend of high costs for everything makes it exceedingly challenging for workers to survive. The administrative staff in the public sector is doing everything in its power to raise the bar for high-quality education. There is no other alluring incentive that may increase staff performance and motivation like a utility allowance. The modern period requires to increase their Charge Allowance to facilitate our personnel and improve their performance. In this regard, the following suggestion for improving Charge Allowance is made available for review and approval.

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